Our Mission

The StreetWise mission is to empower the entrepreneurial spirit through the dignity of self-employment by providing Chicagoans facing homelessness with a combination of supportive services, workforce development resources and immediate access to gainful employment.


StreetWise provides a flexible employment opportunity via the sales of StreetWise magazine. The magazine vendors build relationships and create connections between and across communities that change perceptions.  The magazine gives a voice to those who experience homelessness, poverty, injustice and inequality, along with features about Chicago life and culture. 

StreetWise magazine is a proud member of the International Network of Street Papers and leader among street papers in the United States. 

Its staff have received numerous national, state, and local awards for the quality of StreetWise offerings, its service to the homeless population of Chicago, and its importance to the community in general. Reporters and contributors include professional journalists, journalism students, StreetWise vendors, as well as clients from other Chicago area social service organizations.