The Magazine Vendor Program

The StreetWise Magazine vendor program is designed to give individuals experiencing homelessness, poverty, or those in need of an income, the opportunity to work.  The combination of immediate income and flexibility give a struggling individual the chance to earn money with dignity.  

StreetWise Magazine is published weekly. Our authorized vendors purchase it for $0.90 wholesale, and then sell to the public for $2.00, earning $1.10 (plus tips) on each sale.  Vendors can buy as many papers as they want, and they set their own hours. They’re in business for themselves, emerging entrepreneurs who are building a business to meet their basic needs and provide for themselves and families.   

The money the vendors pay for the magazine goes toward a portion of our production costs. 

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About StreetWise Magazine

StreetWise magazine is an award winning publication that is socially conscious and Chicago-centric. It raises awareness on the impact of poverty, homelessness, injustice and inequality in Chicago, across the nation, and around the world. It also gives a voice to our vendors.  By engaging the unemployed and underemployed as vendors, StreetWise is able to personalize the face of Chicago’s poor while, at the same time, providing them with a viable income opportunity.

StreetWise is a proud member of the International Network of Street Papers.