PRIDE - Tammy K.

By: Tammy K. June 4, 2018

I have had the opportunity through my days to be blessed with many lady figures who have been motherly, caring, and selfless.


I, at an early age, was separated from my Ma’ for whatever rhyme, reason, ebb, flow… and then there was Grandma, who is firstly in my mind. I remember the percolator at 4 in the morning, which started Grandpa’s day… and to this day I love coffee. The smell, the sound in the back of my mind, and Grandma. The very bestest backscratcher who didn’t really scratch your back but did this ever-so-gentle, delicate tickle almost like a light, light breeze or a dandelion brushing against you.


My Aunt “Mo” who is the bestest best, who dealt with me when I was the biggest mess, and for a treat I would get a real happy, happy meal.


To my wife who loved me dear, like your bestest friend that you’ve had throughout the years. You made me laugh, made me treats, and let me cry on your shoulder until my eyes were empty.


To my aunts who saved me when she passed, who made me move and take a bath. When my biggest want was to check out at last and let that breath be my last.


And then, ladies of recovery who let me see and figure out which way was me. I no longer knew how to take a step or breathe… through all the love I learned to live and grieve.


And back to Ma, who let me be me, gave me a minute to reprieve and recollect. We have had the blessing to reconnect.


And lovingly last and never ever the least, my fluffy little redhead hot dog that was the length of my arm but considered a mini, who loved me unconditionally and reminded me moment to moment for each and every… to have faith.