Remembering Aretha

By: Dave Hamilton September 16, 2018

Aretha Franklin was one of the greatest singers of all time. When she sang, you could just feel what she was saying to you.”

-Lawrence Anthony, StreetWise Vendor


R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I like that song. I always thought Aretha was really good for her age. I personally thought she was worth $80 million.” 

-Carolyn Duffy, StreetWise Vendor


I always loved the level of her voice. I got attached to her through my aunt, so whenever I heard Aretha, I would just listen in on her music. I’m sad about her passing.”

-VW, StreetWise Vendor


She was one of the best ladies there ever was. She could sing everything!”

-Tony Landers, StreetWise Volunteer


She is the queen of soul. I never got the opportunity to see her, which would have been awesome. She just sang with so much passion and power; that’s what I loved about her. Her voice was so unique, and I was devastated to hear that she had passed—I still am.”

-Anthony Preston, StreetWise participant


I remember growing up with her. I thought she was fantastic. Her music made history, and she contributed a lot to the musical world.”

-Quincy, StreetWise Vendor


She was a beautiful woman; she had a lot of character. People just loved her and the way she carried herself.”

-Helen, StreetWise participant


She’s a legacy; she inspired a lot of people. She’s great. I love her. I listened to her. She changed lives. She got a lot of people.”

-Ibrahim Banqura, StreetWise Vendor