For the past 4 years, Daily Planet Productions has teamed up with StreetWise and local artists to create limited edition, locally designed,  hand-screened designer t-shirts and other merchandise to sell.  It’s all part of a campaign called Give A Shi*t with 100% of the profits benefiting StreetWise.  

Check back here to see where and when where the next Giveashirt Pop Up Store will be.  And check our ads in StreetWise Magazine for the shirt of the month.

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StreetWise is proud to partner with CLOZTALK to bring StreetWise branded gear to our supporters.  Get your StreetWise swag today!

CLOZTALK® imagines a world where everyone, every day, commits to wearing charity-branded clothing.  Their mission is to help brand awesome organizations through premium charity apparel ... at NO COST TO THE CHARITIES. 

20% of the profits on StreetWise merchandise will be donated back to StreetWise.