2016 NFL Playoff Picks

By: Staff January 5, 2017

John: Well, from the NFC the Dallas Cowboys are looking sensational. They have been the strongest on the field this season.  They have a serious starting line, plus great skills and potential in their running back Ezekiel Elliot and they have the entire package offensively. I’m also interested in Seattle because I feel you can never count Russell Wilson out. He always delivers. Aside from those teams, I’m rooting for Detroit and Atlanta; although Atlanta has a great defensive line they need work on their offense. I’m not sure about the Giants, I don’t see them making the playoffs but I do feel that Dallas is the team to beat in the NFC. The AFC is more wide open, however. You have New England, Oakland and the no-good cheaters of Kansas City. If Kansas City ends up defeating Oakland they are going to be the worry of the AFC division.   Otherwise I feel Washington, Minnesota, Green Bay and Tampa Bay are the teams that have a running chance at the playoffs.

Russell: From the AFC I’m going for New England, Baltimore, Indianapolis, and the Raiders.  What has surprised me this year is the Oakland Raiders. They have been killing it this season.  I feel sometimes Seattle has a winning chance but then they were beat out by Tampa Bay. So Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, are my picks for the playoffs with Tampa Bay coming in as the wildcard.

Bill: Well, I keep noticing that the notion of equity between the teams makes a huge difference in the game. But between the injuries and the way the game is being played, it seems that this game is shifting towards the same structure as basketball because the game seems to be more about passing than running and leg work. The game is constantly evolving and I feel that the injuries and reports of concussions on the teams make it hard to determine which teams could make it to the playoffs. But I have not been following the season as hard as you guys so I can’t really give a solid input.

Vince: At the beginning of the season we were looking at Denver making changes because Peyton Manning had retired and were also expecting Dallas to have problems because of the absence of Tony Romo. Now we see that the cream has risen to the top of crop. No one expected the Oakland Raiders to come in and dominate the season like this. I’m very surprised with the Bears' division. Green Bay was once considered to be a mighty team but it seems that Steve Rogers has fallen off the face of the planet when it comes to being effective on the team. New England, however, has been very effective. Brady missed the first couple of games and came back and began to lead the team into wins. Oakland, Baltimore, and New England are foundationally strong teams, here to stay for a while and I do not think any other teams will step up to the plate to defeat them. John, do you think John Fox is going to stay?

John: I think he’s going to stay but I feel they need to make adjustments. The Jay Cutler contract seems to be holding them hostage. But a team that can use them is Cleveland. They need a new quarterback. I feel Jay could be very effective on this team because I don’t think that they can get a quarterback that’s any worse.

Vince: I have a biased view of the NFL right now. When my Bears aren’t winning it’s hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel but I have to say that Dallas, New England and Oakland are looking very solid this season and have the biggest chance of getting to the playoffs.