2017 in Review (1)

By: Staff January 1, 2018

Russell: The Cubs making the playoffs, but losing to LA was the biggest local story. It was a good year for the Cubs. Nobody repeats in baseball, so just making the playoffs was a success. They played an exciting series against the Nationals. I think it tired them out and the Dodgers were ready for them. On a national level, the New England Patriots' 34-28 comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl was the biggest event. That was shocking. I think everybody thought it was over, but Tom Brady said, “Not so fast!” The most important thing of the year was me and my SportsWise guys going to a DePaul Blue Demons game. I really enjoyed that. It was nice to get away from the TV and go to a real game.

Donald: I had a great year. My biggest sports thoughts were about our teams rebuilding.  The Bulls and Bears provided a lot of hope when they dominated the Bengals. [Quarterback Mitch] Trubisky looked good and their defense was terrific. I almost didn’t recognize them. The Bulls beat the Celtics, which is great for morale. They haven’t lost since Nikola Mirotic has come back. He and Bobby Portis have found a way to work together [since Portis punched Mirotic in the face during an October practice]. The team has been very relaxed and everyone on the team is a willing passer. The talent isn’t there yet, but I like what I see.

John: The biggest highlight was getting to go to the DePaul game with Russell and Donald. What made it special was not only getting to see the Blue Demons and their new arena, but also their opponent. Notre Dame was great and I really wish they could find a way to have DePaul and Notre Dame in the same conference. My biggest personal disappointment was game seven of the World Series. I am a Dodgers fan, but I have to give credit to the Astros. In the NBA, it was the same old, same old. For the third year in a row, it was Cleveland and Golden State. It feels like Golden State is going to win every odd year and Cleveland every even one.

Russell: As I watched the Bears beat the Bengals, it was exciting. I couldn’t believe it. They were passing the ball, running the ball, and they played good defense. I can’t remember the last time they scored that many points. The biggest thing that upset me this year was the Blackhawks getting swept by Nashville. I’m not going to forget that anytime soon.

Donald: I have had so much fun watching the camaraderie develop for the Bulls. I am excited to see how Lauri Markkanen develops. That kid can shoot. Hopefully in a few years, they will be able to compete with the likes of Cleveland and Golden State.

John: I want to close out by looking forward to 2018. I am expecting Cleveland and Golden State to meet up for the fourth year in a row, although maybe Houston could upset that. College basketball is going to be fun this year. I am hoping we get to go to another DePaul game at their new arena. In the NFL, there is no way the Super Bowl will be able to match last year’s.