A Message from Manuel Landa

By: Manuel Landa December 5, 2016

To the customers who have shown me so much support:

I want to let you know that, beginning December 26, I will stop selling StreetWise for approximately three months. Since 2015, I have seen a 50% decrease in sales, which I mostly attribute to the loss of key customers, due to them moving and changing jobs. Aside from this, however, my health has declined and exposing myself to winter's low temperatures would cause further harm. My father has just passed away and my mother has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, so I am going to Mexico to take care of her, and hopefully avoid any further decline in my own health. I hope to return to the United States by March 6, 2017, but it really depends on my mother's health. I appreciate the the concern you have shown me and support that you have given me through the years. I hope to see you all again when I return. In the meantime and beyond, I wish you all the best.


Manuel Landa, Vendor #7767

Corner Bakery 140 N. Dearborn