Baseball in 2016

By: Staff July 25, 2016

John: The biggest disappointment so far has been the Kansas City Royals. I expected them at least to go to the World Series, and possibly win it, however, they’re struggling just to stay in the race for the Wild Card. It’s all about the Cleveland Indians right now. The Indians must be drinking LeBron Juice or something because they have been on a roll lately. They swept Detroit a while back and this year, the Indians are 9-0 against the Tigers. They went to Detroit and laid the hammer down. Another surprise has been the Miami Marlins, who are hanging in there in the Wild Card race, while battling the Cardinals, Dodgers, and Mets. The disappointment in the National League has got to be the Pirates. I initially thought the Pirates would be a contender for the division title, but whether it’s the pitching or the newly acquired players not performing as well as expected, the Pirates have been quite the disappointment. 

Russell: I agree, the American League Central Division is something else! Cleveland is really surprising me as well. I’m not an Indians fan, but you have to give them credit- they beat Detroit, destroyed the White Sox, and beat Kansas City. But anything can happen with baseball in any given day. When the Sox won the World Series, they didn’t have the best record in the league, St. Louis did and St. Louis didn’t even go to the World Series. Another thing I’m surprised about is the Cubs' lead in the National League Central. The Cubs are leading the division by nine games, which is huge! The Cubs would have to lose a significant number of games to decrease their lead. I think the Cubs will be okay in the long run and I am most surprised with the overall performance of the Cleveland Indians.

Vince: I’m hoping the Cubs will be able to hold their lead, but the Cubs are having some difficulties that are making me nervous. You look at guys like Kyle Schwarber, who was a fantastic clutch hitter who could come in and smack the ball out of the park for you, and now they don’t have him because he is out for the season. But hopefully the Cubs will be able to compensate. Their pitching will have to be lights out for a while.

John: As far as the Cubs go, they should be concerned about October. I know they will make it until October, but the team they need to be concerned about is the San Francisco Giants. I don’t think the Cubs will get to the World Series because I think it’s going to be the Giants, unless the Giants suffer a devastating injury or something that costs them the season. If that doesn’t happen, then the Cubs are going to need some strong pitching and Anthony Rizzo and Chris Bryant will have to do less free swinging. But both of those players swing at the first pitch far too often, which is how the Mets suddenly beat them last year. I would not order my World Series tickets yet!

Russell: I think the Cubs are going to be okay, but we need to keep an eye on the Giants. The Giants win the World Series every couple of years- it’s like they win every other year! But I’m most excited for the Wild Card team, which is always a good race.

Vince: Last, quick shoutout to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the championship! I don’t understand what happened with Golden State. I think Golden State was exposed and their weaknesses were put on display. They have a weak link in the chain, but as a Bulls fan- I’m ecstatic! The Bulls had a 72-10 season back in 1996, and the Bulls won that championship. It don’t mean a thing without the ring! Golden State had a 73-9 season, but did they win the ring? NO! So ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Bulls are still the greatest team on Earth- without question!