Bibim Town

By: Emma Palmer January 8, 2018

“It’s a few feet away from my location. I knew it was a new restaurant, they’ve been there five months now,” V.W. said when asked why she chose Bibim Town at North Broadway and West Balmoral Avenue. Her location is right by the Jewel-Osco, only a few steps away. “A faithful customer I’ve had for four years now, Chuck, has designated himself for my EatWise dining experience. He collects and keeps the copies of them from the magazines. He was the one that led me here.”


“They have a take-out menu, but I ordered in. I ordered the Korean Pancake, which comes in two kinds, either vege or kimchi. The menu describes it as a crispy and savory pancake. The vege one is made with potato, cabbage, zucchini, carrot, and green onion mixed with wheat flour, corn meal, and Korean pancake mix. They give a description of all the ingredients of the food items on the back of the take-out menu.” She noted it was especially helpful if you want to know exactly what you’re getting.


When asked if she had ever had any food like this before, she said “the Korean Pancakes tasted like shrimp fried rice to me. It was very good. I definitely got full off this menu item. I also ordered rice. It was $2 and it was a large helping in a bowl that came with black beans. I also ordered an egg. The waitress asked how I would like it. I said sunny-side up. It was a good egg, it was runny.”


In addition to the meal? “I also got free tea. It comes with all food orders. There is a table off over by the wall where you self-serve the tea. They have brown sugar packets and pour-in white sugar you can add. All the steel utensils are there as well, like spoons, forks, and knives. Everything is self-serve that you need on the side. The only thing you don't get self-serve is your food, which gets served to you.” She said the waitress brings your food on a tray and sets it down in front of you. “It’s nice because they pretty much let you sit where you want to.”


When describing her experience, V.W. noted the interior colors. “It was colorful in there. I liked the bright neon green and orange. It definitely got my attention. Different than most restaurants, so it added to the experience. It was also fairly small inside, maybe 15 to 20 people could fit in there at a time. Overall it’s a nice place to dine. I enjoyed the meal.”


When asked if she will ever go again, she said “I think I will. I got full and it was so tasty.” Will she get the same thing next time she goes? “Oh no, I will want something that costs a little more. Even with all my food this time, I only spent $9.39. Next time I’d get the dumplings and the chicken skewers. And the healthy Korean teas. I would definitely order that.”


Her word of advice to new customers? “Be sure to look on the stand by the wall where you can get items yourself, like napkins and condiments. At first I didn’t see it on the cabinet.”


Recommended by our own vendor, V.W., Bibim Town is located at 5357 N. Broadway. “This is definitely a good place for people that want to try something new and something different.”