Bobby Hogans

By: Megan Lander April 23, 2018

My name’s Robert Hogans, but you can call me Bobby. I’m 43 years old and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Right now I’m living in a studio in Chicago, but I’ve been all around the Chicago area and suburbs. I went to high school in the city what seems about a hundred years ago. I really liked JROTC and marine and police explorers in high school, but I got a little distracted by other things and never went on with that. I ended up realizing that those other things, the drugs and alcohol, were doing nothing but stopping me from bettering myself. I had to make a decision to give up certain habits and people. That decision turned my life around, and I’m doing a lot better these days.


I stay pretty busy between the programs I’m involved in and things I like to do for fun. As long as I’m not down on my health, I spend my time volunteering at a lot of programs in the city, like the Lincoln Park shelter and Bobby E. Wright Mental Health Facility. I do a little bit of everything there, from desk work to cooking and cleaning. I’ve been at StreetWise for about three years now. I used to sell the magazines, but I don’t do that as much anymore since the cold is hard on my body. Mostly, I’m gaining good experience for other jobs in the future at these programs. Besides volunteering, I like to spend my time outside getting some exercise by bike riding, walking, and working out. I really enjoy it because it helps relieve the stress of everyday life. I’m in a couple of programs that help me with this, too. With Back on My Feet and Heartland Alliance, I get to walk with a group of people and talk about the issues going on in our lives together.


My favorite thing about all of these programs is the socializing. I’m crazy about StreetWise because I love the staff here. After working here for about three years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people. I don’t see my family too often, so the friends I make at StreetWise and other programs are really important to me. What I like about them is that they are like me, and a lot of them have a good heart. I’ll be friends with anyone with a good heart.