College Football vs pros

By: Staff September 19, 2016

Russell: College football vs. the pros—which do you like better and why?

John: I follow the pros more, but I’m getting more acclimated to the college game because it’s more wide open now. Plus, you have many more different playing styles in college than in the NFL. I think in the NFL there are so many different rule changes, like you can’t tackle a certain person. In college, you get a little bit of everything. You get more hitting and better tackling. I think the football in the college game has gotten better in the past five years because it’s become more crisp. You also have a better bowl system too, now. The championship is decided on the field too. Now, the pros have so many rule changes for concussions and other things that the pro game has become more like flag football. Like you can’t tackle someone at a certain point below the waist—there are so many ridiculous rule changes in the NFL. So, that’s why I think college is better.

Russell: I agree. I like college football better too. Why? Well, there’s more games to watch, and it’s more exciting because there’s more offense. You also get more teams to choose from. You also get your local favorites, like Northwestern, University of Illinois, Northern Illinois, Purdue, Notre Dame—there’s a lot of teams to choose from! In the pros, all I get to pick from are the Bears… and maybe the Patriots… maybe the Cowboys, but they aren’t local like the college teams. And like you said, John, college has the bowl games. I like the bowl games. New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, there’s a bowl game on, and lots of ‘em. I can wake up and just watch football all day long. Holidays too! Thanksgiving? Bowl games. Christmas? Bowl games. So many bowl games. I gotta say, college football.

John: The cool part about the bowl games is that you can grab yourself a sandwich and your favorite drink, and just enjoy yourself while you watch all the games.

In the NFL, I like the Sunday Ticket. It’s easy to follow to some extent, but a lot of the games have been blowouts. Even the games we expect to be competitive have not been that exciting, like the Super Bowl, for example. But college football is cool because of their playoff system.

Russell: Let me say one more thing. Every year in college football, the title game is always a good one. Last year was Clemson and Alabama. I’d like to see that again, but I don’t know about Alabama repeating since they lost all those players. They lost their quarterback, their star running back, star receiver, defensive back, and they’re still ranked number one, man. How many teams are going to do that in the pros? Not that many.

John: Oh, and another thing too. There’s an exciting game coming up: USC vs. Alabama.

Russell: Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see that one too.

John: And UCLA vs. Texas A&M. Two really big games and they’re not Big Ten either. The Big Ten will have some big games of its own, but the two I know off the bat that I’m looking forward to are USC and Alabama and UCLA and Texas A&M. USC and Alabama are two traditional powerhouse football teams.

Russell: So who’s your favorite team, John?

John: UCLA! What’s yours?

Russell: Northwestern! Go Northwestern!

John: Both are teams with purple…

Russell: Alright, well I’ll close this out with a shout out to Trevor Siemian from Northwestern University. He’s starting quarterback for the Broncos this year. He’d never taken a snap in pro football, and he won his first game with the Super Bowl Champion Broncos! See what I mean about Northwestern?! Good luck out there, guys!