Cost of Being a Fan

By: Staff April 10, 2017

Vince: Don Smith is here today taking Russell’s spot for the day. Russell is in the field and Bill is taking the week off. Both will be back next week! In Chicago, we’ve got our great sports teams and unfortunately ticket prices are a beast! Prices fluctuate up and down

John: I’m more familiar with the prices between the Cubs and White Sox.  The Cubs, for example, have different prices depending on the opposing team.  There are the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of pricing. The more marquee match ups, the more expensive the ticket. Back in the day, you never had that. You just had a set price. Bleacher tickets in the ‘80’s were way less expensive than they are today. Wrigley Field is a fun place for going out and the bar owners want to get people in, so that’s another reason why the prices can be so high. White Sox tickets, on the other hand, don’t have that kind of scale. They do have half price tickets on Sundays and family day deals. If you have a family of four, you can’t beat that! Parking is also very affordable. The neighborhood and the surroundings factor into why they can do this. As far as the Bears go, I don’t understand how they can raise ticket prices when they are 3-13. The Bulls are going to be more expensive if a team like the Cavaliers is coming to town because of LeBron [James]. Blackhawks tickets are high but the fans are really more into it. 

Don: The Blackhawks have been a number one team in Chicago for a long time. I like that their prices are where they are because they draw a lot and they give you 100% every night. We’ve been waiting over a hundred years for the Cubs. They are the team to beat for the next 15-20 years. So the tickets are going to be higher because they are building everything around them. They have the best fan base in Chicago. You can go to their game, whether they win or lose, and you are going to have fun! There is not a dead night around Wrigley Field. We need to get the Bulls and Bears back to society because we are paying a lot of money for tickets that we don’t need to pay for. But, I’m a big Chicago fan and I appreciate that we’re going to hire some people who are going to back us. It’s the quarterback situation we have with the Bears and the [Jimmy] Butler situation we have with the Bulls. They can’t say we don’t have the money for the players because I know we do. When I grew up, sports were fun because the players played for the love of the game, not the money of the game. Everyone wants to get paid these high prices and then they get sick, or don’t perform. I think they are cheating us out of what’s really important to the fans and the people who support them.

Vince: I remember years ago when I was 12 and my little brother was 8. When my mother was working, we’d be out and about at Wrigley Field.  At the time Pete Rose had a commercial talking about the low and affordable price of tickets.  This was well before free agency took off.  After that, players demanded bigger salaries and teams started demanding more money.  This created more alluring ways to justify the higher ticket prices.  You’ve got the Personal Seat License in the NFL and premium tickets for certain opposing teams, like when the Cubs play the Cardinals.  They’ve created more reasons to get that premium dollar out of you.  Then the food prices are high as well.  I do like that the Blackhawks, even though their prices are high, deliver a premium product.  They win almost every year.  They are a threat to other teams.  The Cubs have now crossed over.  They are the big team now!  Ticket prices are high, but I think in some way if you gauge the importance of the team you want to see, it makes logical sense.  We can also look to other options like the Chicago Sky, who are a competitive team.