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By: Staff January 22, 2018

Donald: I wanna start off by talking about the Chicago Bulls. They’ve come back to Earth a bit from that hot streak they were on. Lauri Markkanen has been playing well and the team is still showing a lot of fight. I am excited to see what the team looks like when Zach LaVine comes back. Basketball is a stars type of game. Most successful teams are great because of their star and the Bulls are still looking for theirs.


Russell: The thing most on my mind is the Bears and their hiring of Matt Nagy. Will he be a good coach? I don’t know. But if they get him some players to play with, they might be okay. That’s true of all teams, unless you’re New England. They can just get anybody and it works out. I think the Bears are gonna be alright. I’m gonna give them a chance. I don’t necessarily expect playoffs, but they’ll be better than they were this year. They’ll pass the ball more and hopefully become more aggressive—maybe go for it on fourth and 1, even! Nagy is coming from Kansas City and that’s a good team.


John: The college football playoffs just ended and it was one of the most memorable seasons ever. You have to respect what Alabama has done. Five championships in nine years is impressive. Their comeback in the title game this year was terrific. It’s interesting to see that the ratings for college football are increasing while the NFL’s are dropping significantly. The NFL just isn’t a good product right now. There’s too much bad officiating and not enough good quarterback play. The NFL needs to find a way to reduce the impact of the referees. They should only be calling the obvious and not overcalling everything.


Donald: You’re right, the officiating is terrible. There is no consistency in their calls. Plays are getting called back for no reason and no one can trust what they see.  It’s created far too much mayhem.


Russell: Yeah, the officiating in the Kansas City-Tennessee game was horrible. I mean, the referee actually retired right after the game. Switching over to the Bulls, I think something is up with them. Obviously they want to rebuild, which is why they traded Jimmy Butler, but now they’ve started to win. There’s rumors that they are going to trade Nikola Mirotic, which will make the team worse. That’ll help them get a better draft pick. I don’t like that at all. That’s basically throwing games, and only a loser does that. I say, play hard. Maybe they’ll make the playoffs, just don’t tank the season.


John: The Bulls are trying to follow the 76ers model of tanking, even though that’s shown mixed results. One last thing about the NFL, I wish Roger Goodell had retired, but unfortunately he’s sticking around. He’s terrible for the game.