Farmers Markets 2018

By: Mattie Alexander May 21, 2018

Market Listings Legend:

C - City Markets   L - Accepts LINK/SNAP   M - LINK Match formerly Double Value Coupon



Loyola Farmers Market L & M

6550 N. Sheridan Road

June 4–October 15, 4–8 pm



Columbus Park City Market C & L & M

500 S. Central Ave.

July 10–September 11, 2–7 pm


City Market at Federal Plaza C & L & M

50 W. Adams St.

May 15–October 30, 7 am–3 pm


Lincoln Square Farmers Market

2301 W. Leland Ave.

June 5–October 30, 7 am–1 pm


North Lawndale City Market C & L & M

NEW LOCATION 3419 W. Ogden Ave.

August 14–October 9, 2:30–5:30 pm


PCC Austin Farm Market L & M

330 N. Lotus Ave.

June 5–October 16, 12–5 pm


NEW  Polish Triangle Marketplace

1200 N. Milwaukee Ave.

June 5–August 28, 4–8 pm

SOAR Farmers Market

220 E. Chicago Ave.

June 5–October 30, 7 am–2 pm



Green City Market – Lincoln Park L & M

1817 N. Clark St.

May 9–October 24, 7 am–1 pm


Growing Solutions Farm L & M

2200 W. Campbell Park Ave.

June 20–October 31, 10 am–1 pm

“Working outdoors. Building a community of diverse learners. Gaining the identity of an employee. Harnessing the skills and talents of our young adult clients while acquiring expertise in an exploding local food industry.” 

These words proudly greet visitors to the Growing Solutions Farm project on the Urban Autism Solutions website. Growing Solutions is a 1.2-acre vegetable and flower farm that employs kids and young adults with autism for learning teamwork, workplace behavior and other job-related skills in a fun and encouraging environment. The students take part in every aspect of food production from planting to growing to harvesting to selling. Growing Solutions offers a weekly farm stand every Wednesday from June 20 to October 31 at the corner of Leavitt Street and Campbell Drive. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., people can buy crisp vegetables and beautiful flowers while supporting vocational and horticulture education for students with autism.

“Some of these students have been working on the farm for four or five seasons now,” explained Daniel Wolff, the lead grower at Growing Solutions Farm. “They really develop a great sense of community and job skills. Every year the program seems to be growing. People have become more interested in it. Just being on a farm or being outdoors is a really positive experience for these kids.”

This year, Growing Solutions is offering a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, where supporters can sign up to receive a bi-weekly share of farm fresh produce throughout the summer. A variety of herbs, greens, onions, fruiting and root crops will be available throughout the summer and early fall.

“I think this farm is a really ambitious project,” said Wolff. “I think it’s a really hopeful project. I think it’s an incredible opportunity for young adults with autism to gain a sense of direction and job experience. There are a lot of rewards that come with working with this population. We are incredibly thankful to our surrounding community for being able to support a project like Growing Solutions. We are a little off the beaten path, but for anyone willing to stop by, it is a really beautiful space. I think when people come to the farm stand on Wednesdays, they will get a sense of what kind of work is done there and why it is so important to support the project.”


La Follette Park City Market C & L & M

1333 N. Laramie Ave.

July 11–September 12, 2–7 pm


Pullman City Market C & L & M

11100 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

July 11–October 31, 7 am–1 pm


Ravenswood Farmers Market L & M

4900 N. Damen Ave.

June 13–August 29 4–8 pm;

September 5 – October 17, 4–7 pm (no market July 4)


Roseland City Market C & L & M

200 W. 109th St.

August 29–October 24, 2:30–5:30 pm



City Market at Daley Plaza C & L & M

50 W. Washington St.

May 10–October 25, 7 am–3 pm


Argyle Night Market

1000 W. Argyle St.

July 5–August 30, 5–9 pm

One market seems to stand out on Chicago’s gigantic list of farmers markets because of one word: night. The Argyle Night Market started six years ago and has been drawing bigger and bigger crowds ever since to Argyle Street between Broadway and Sheridan in Uptown. This year, the market will offer a variety of entertainment, food, produce and other goods on Thursdays from 5 to 9 p.m. during July and August.

“There are always new vendors to try,” said Greg Carroll, director of partnerships and events at Uptown United & Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown. “The mix of vendors changes week to week.  We’re excited to be working with Elastic Arts again this year to bring in exciting and new musicians and bands that represent the diversity of the Uptown neighborhood.  We also plan to offer more cultural performances in addition to the lion dancers, taiko drummers, and martial arts demonstrations. Attendees can also expect an interactive arts installation each week from AXIS Lab, an Uptown-based artist collective.”

These new additions to the market are intended to pull more locals to Uptown businesses and to each other. The market takes place on the city’s only “shared street” (meaning the street has no curb, which creates the feel of a plaza that can be filled with street fairs and sidewalk cafes). This allows easy access to businesses for pedestrians, and to socialization with fellow locals. Argyle Night Market also caters to the locals who work mornings when traditional farmers markets take place. Those individuals who can’t skip out on the Thursday morning meeting can still enjoy a unique market atmosphere after work hours.

For oldtimers, the excitement of the Night Market is just as elevated as it is for the newcomer.

“It’s a surprise week-to-week,” said Carroll, “and even those who come each year are surprised at how vibrant, fun, and positive the street can be. Newcomers should expect amazing local food at very reasonable prices, incredible live music and entertainment, a diverse group of people from across Chicago in attendance, and a fun and friendly atmosphere.”

Diversity is another adjective that describes Argyle Night Market; it’s an aspect of the market of which Carroll is proud.

“The Market is an expression of Uptown’s diversity and a testament to the neighborhood’s many amenities and assets,” said Carroll. “Given Chicago’s segregation, there are few places like it that are truly representative of the city’s diversity and the Market is proof that everyone can get along if only given the opportunity.”


Austin Market City Market C & L & M

5900 W. Chicago Ave.

July 12–September 13, 2–7 pm


Eli's Cheesecake Farm Stand and Fresh Market

6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr.

June–August, 7 am–1 pm


Garfield Park Neighborhood Market L & M

200 N. Kedzie Ave.

June 14, July 19, August 16,

September 13 & October 18 3–6 pm


Green City Market – Park at Wrigley L & M

3637 N. Clark St.

Select Thursdays, May 31–September 20, 8 am–1 pm


Hyde Park Farmers Market L & M

5300 S. Harper Court

June 7–October 25, 7 am–1 pm


Lincoln Square Farmers Market

2301 W. Leland Ave.

June 7–October 25, 4–8 pm (no market September 7)


Low-Line Market

3410 N. Southport Ave.

June 7–October 11, 3–7:30 pm


South Loop Farmers Market

1936 S. Michigan Ave.

June 14–September 27, 4–8 pm


West Town Health Market L

2233 W. Division St.

June 14–December 13, 3–7 pm



Division Street City Market C & L & M

30 W. Division St.

May 12–October 27, 7 am–1 pm


Eden Place Farmers Market L & M

4911 S. Shields Ave.

June 2–October 13, 9 am–2 pm


Edgebrook Neighborhood Farmers Market

6525 N. Hiawatha Ave.

July 7–September 29, 9 am–1 pm


Edgewater Farmers Market L

5917 N. Broadway

June 16–October 13, 8 am–1 pm


Englewood/Anchor House City Market C & L & M

1200 W. 76th St.

July 7–September 15, 10 am–2 pm


Fulton Market Expo

NEW 800 W. Fulton Market

May 12–October 27, 9 am–1 pm


Garfield Park Neighborhood Market L & M

200 N. Kedzie Ave.

June 9, July 14, August 11,

September 8 & October 13,

10 am–2 pm 


Green City Market – Lincoln Park L & M

1817 N. Clark St.

May 5–October 27, 7 am–1 pm


Green City Market – West Loop L & M

115 S. Sangamon St.

June 2–October 27, 8 am–1 pm


Horner Park Farmers Market

2741 W. Montrose Ave.

June 9–October 6, 9 am–1 pm


Lincoln Park City Market C

700 W. Armitage Ave.

June 2–October 27, 7 am–1 pm


Northcenter Farmers Market

4100 N. Damen Ave.

June 16–October 27, 7 am-1 pm


Plant Chicago Farmers Market L & M

1400 W. 46th St.

June 2, July 7, August 4,

September 1 & October 6,

11 am–3 pm


Printers Row City Market C

700 S. Dearborn St.

June 16–October 27, 7 am–1 pm


61st Street Farmers Market L & M

6100 S. Blackstone Ave.

May 12–October 27, 9 am–2 pm


South Shore Farmers Market L & M

2423 E. 75th St.

June 23–September 29, 11 am–3 pm


Trinity Hospital Farmers Market L & M

467 W. 95th St.

July 7–September 29, 8 am–1 pm


West Humboldt Park Farmers Market L & M

3601 W. Chicago Ave.

June 23–October 6, 10 am–2 pm



Maxwell Street Market C

800 S. Desplaines St.

Year-round 7 am–3 pm

“The story of Maxwell Street and its market is the story of immigrants and their children, generations of working class people who contributed to the advancement of our nation.”

This is an excerpt from “Images of America: Chicago’s Maxwell Street.” While like most things, the book can be found online, but it's also in the market the book describes. Co-author Laura Kamedulski can be found on Sundays alongside the vendors of Maxwell Street Market, sharing the history of the market to anyone who will stop to listen.

“I think it’s a really unique place where people of many cultures could mix,” Kamedulski said. “It is very exciting to be in a mix of people, mix of cultures, mix of merchandise and mix of flavors of food.”

The Maxwell Street Market was created by a city ordinance in 1912 as the city’s first open air market, originally hosting European immigrants. Years later, at the time of the Great Migration, African Americans coming into the city were drawn to the market as a cheap place to purchase goods. Many African American musicians saw the market as a stage and began contributing acoustic blues that would eventually become electric, creating the classic sounds of electrified Chicago blues.

The market continues to thrive over a century after its inception, but it has shifted to South Desplaines Street between Polk and Taylor due to the year-round market being cleared in 1999 to make way for University Village. Today’s market offers a variety of produce, cheap merchandise and street food. Nowadays, the goods come with a Latin and Mexican flair.

“Before I even started working at DCASE, my father used to go and sell at Maxwell Street sometimes,” said Yescenia Mota, programming coordinator for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. “Markets are in my blood.”

The Mexican persona of the market gives it a distinct personality. In what other market can you find ethnic vegetables like cactus or enjoy authentic Mexican food?

“Not all Mexican food is the same,” Mota explained. “The tacos are a little bit different. They are all hand made, but they all have their own ethnic attitude to them. Another thing I really love are the churros. For $5 you can get one of each flavor. You can’t go wrong! It’s a really great place. This market is for everyone from the foodies to the thrifters.”


Bronzeville City Market C & L & M

4700 S. King Drive

July 8–September 16, 10 am–2 pm


Glenwood Sunday Market L & M

6924 N. Glenwood Ave.

June 3–October 28, 9 am–2 pm


Jefferson Park Sunday Market L

4820 N. Long Ave.

June 10–October 28

2nd & 4th Sundays,

9:30 am–1:30 pm


Logan Square Farmers Market L & M

3107 W. Logan Blvd.

May 13–October 28, 10 am–3 pm


McKinley Park Farmers Market L & M

3700 S. Archer Ave.

June 2–October 27, 10 am–2 pm


95th Street Farmers Market

1835 W. 95th St.

May 6–October 28, 8 am–1 pm


Portage Park Farmers Market

4100 N. Long Ave.

1st & 3rd Sundays,

June 3–October 7, 10 am–2 pm


South Shore Farmers Market L & M

7900 S. South Shore Drive

June 24–September 30, noon–5 pm


Sunday City Market Bridgeport

1000 W. 35th St.

July 8–August 26, 10 am–3 pm


Wicker Park Farmers Market L & M

1425 N. Damen Ave.

June 3–October 28, 8 am–2 pm