Los Arcos

By: Benjamin Marton June 6, 2016

Los Arcos has become a staple in Andersonville. Located at 5525 N. Clark St., it has have received positive reviews for authentic Mexican cuisine at a fair price. This inspired StreetWise vendor Gwendolyn Freeman to try Los Arcos. Freeman has been a vendor at StreetWise for two years, serving customers at the Walgreens at Clark and Catalpa. A beloved figure in the Andersonville community, Gwendolyn now feels at home in the neighborhood, having worked with various businesses around her vending location, such as the Brown Elephant, Starbucks, and, of course, her vending location, Walgreens.
Gwendolyn has been going to Los Arcos ever since she started vending. She says she usually makes it there every two weeks or so, because when she’s craving Mexican, “I don’t go to other burrito and taco places, because (Los Arcos) has the best steak burrito I’ve had.” She describes the restaurant itself as nice; it’s big, with tables and counters for customers to sit at, and two TVs on opposite sides of the room. She always sits, as she describes, in her very own “special little corner.” She feels relaxed and comfortable there, both because it is one of few spots that customers can sit by themselves, but also because it’s just a generally comfortable spot.
Gwendolyn likes the staff at Los Arcos. They are friendly to her, and know and greet her every time she comes in. The staff knows her as a StreetWise vendor, and as an important figure in their community. She always orders the same thing when she goes, because she describes it as the best steak burrito she can get. It comes with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, taco sauce-and, of course, steak. Not only is it delicious, but it’s big, too! Gwendolyn says that, usually, she gets two meals out of the burrito, even as she says this, she pulls out the other half and excitedly munches away. At $6.50, you can’t beat that deal!
Gwendolyn says that she always recommends Los Arcos to customers, and even brought along a friend for this trip. Everyone she talks to has had nothing but good things to say. Typically, she has a fairly easy time getting a table. Saturday nights are when they really get busy, though. They’re opened, simply enough, everyday of the week from 10 a.m. to midnight.
Gwendolyn wanted to point out that Los Arcos serves all meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She’s never had their breakfast burritos, but knows that people have said good things about them, like everything else on their menu. Though Los Arcos has received the complaint that they do not sell margaritas, customers are free to bring their own alcohol! The last thing Gwendolyn wanted to point out to readers is that, “it’s a lovely restaurant…but definitely try out their steak burritos!”