Meet Modie

By: A. Allen September 17, 2018

We at StreetWise would like to thank and congratulate Modie Onyebuchie for her determination and dedication for completing the vendor training program. She is one of the newest, most unique vendors. She is known - or well-known, that is - for her exquisite cowgirl hats. She brings joy and cowgirl smiles to the office. We want to welcome her to the StreetWise team. In her own words:


"Hi, my name is Modie, short for Modestine. I love being a Chicagolander, born and raised. I got involved with StreetWise from a fellow friend. He told me I would stand out as a great seller because I had a great smile and a great cowgirl hat! I grew up riding horses, the animals I love, all around the U.S. StreetWise has helped me become independent in many ways. I've met great people as they stop by to purchase magazines from me. I thank StreetWise and my friend Charles Edward for helping me get closer to my dream of purchasing my own horses and land."