MLB at Midsummer

By: Staff July 23, 2018

Donald: White Sox is the surprise of the first half, falling on their faces but yet the pitching has been catching up. They had a real good showing, especially against Milwaukee. It’s good that the Cubs are somewhat reaching over to their South Side buddies. The Cubs were standing up to some outside teams too but they’re losing to the most critical team, Cincinnati Reds. Pitching is showing up a lot. Those that need the surgery, they’re getting into it and now they’re in rehab and the team’s going to be more strong for the second half. It just looks like Milwaukee’s dominating right now.

Russell: I’m going to start in the American East. There’s no surprises there, the Yankees and Boston, they’re batted up. American League West: the Astros are doing their thing. Seattle was in first place for a while, but now they’re starting to lose games, so they’re coming back down to earth. In the American League Central, Cleveland’s in first place. The White Sox are down by the bottom. National League East: this is a surprise! The Phillies, Atlanta, what’s going on in that division? Washington’s somewhere in there, but I think they’ll make a move soon. They’re not going to win their division. National League West, I got the best: Arizona and Dodgers. I think the Dodgers are going to catch Arizona. Their manager's making all the right moves. National League Central: my Cubs are not doing too good. They lost to teams they should’ve beaten like the Reds. It’s hard to understand baseball because sometimes teams like that, they’re ready for you. Don’t forget, the Reds came off a four-game winning streak. I think the Cubs are right there where they’re going to be at. The Cubs always come in in the second half.

John: The biggest surprise in the American League is Seattle. I thought that Houston was going to beat them and the Angels. The Angels won some games at the start of the year, but injuries have cobbled the L.A. Angels. Seattle’s fallen off but they’re so far ahead that, unless they lose 15 in a row, there’s going to be a playoff spot for them. Central: the White Sox, who I thought would be like a wild card, have been anything but wild. I think they swept Milwaukee, but the White Sox are on this big losing streak. Minnesota’s my disappointment. I thought they would make a great run at Cleveland, but they’ve fallen on hard times. In the AL East are the Yankees and the Red Sox and the three stooges. In the National League, even if the Dodgers don’t catch Arizona, I still think they’ll be in the playoffs. I got an interesting take on the Cubs: they remind me of the 1985 Bears. They win the World Series like the Bears won the Super Bowl, and then they get full of themselves. Milwaukee, I think they’re winning that division this year. In the East, the surprise is Philly and Atlanta. I think the wild card team is going to come out of the West in the NL. Whoever finishes second between Philadelphia, Washington and Atlanta will be the wild card. I got to give the Cubs a C minus. I give the White Sox an F.

Donald: White Sox: we’ll wait 'til next year to see what you do. We’ll be looking at Boston and a few others there in the American League. Awesome teams, but Cleveland’s going to outrank a lot of them. National League: the Cubs, I can see them possibly falling on their faces if they don’t pick it up with the pitching. So far in the National League, it looks like Milwaukee's going to walk away with something.

Russell: The Cubs and the Brewers play eight more times, so that’s a big series coming up. I think the wild card is coming from Central. The White Sox, I’m going to give them a D this time. I’m not going to give them an F because I figure they’re rebuilding. The Cubs, I’m going to give them a C.