NBA Expectations

By: Staff October 24, 2016

Vince:  There have been a lot of happenings in the off season that have led us to believe that this season will surely be one to watch. Do you guys feel that the Cavs will be able to bring it home another year in a row? And what about the changes Golden State has made?


John: I feel that Golden State is going to strive on the offense, but I feel that has nothing to do with their defense. San Antonio has had one of the greatest defensive teams, but with the retirement of Tim Duncan I feel this season will not be as successful for them as they were in the past. I feel Golden State will successfully conquer the Western conference, but it’s the East that they will have to worry about.


Russell: I feel that Golden State will win the West. But the Clippers, San Antonio and Memphis will give them a run for their money. As for the East, I hate to say it but I feel it will be the Cavs who will take over. They have the greatest player in the world; he’s certainly proved himself this past year. However, Toronto, Atlanta and maybe Boston will be able to contest that win for Cleveland.


Bill: I am more interested in what is going to happen in New York. I feel it’s easy to say that Cleveland is the favorite but that doesn’t mean they will stay that way. Having new players and adjusting to those new players' skills is where New York has the advantage. The Knicks do not have a template and they are structuring plays not based off of the popular teams but based off of the players themselves and their skills. I personally believe that Rose/Noah will be a great addition to the Knicks but I agree with you both about the Cavs. I do feel differently about the East, only to say that I have never seen bad coaching from [the Spurs' Gregg] Popovich, so you can never rule his team out regardless of the players he’s lost, and I feel that the Spurs have a fighting chance of taking the West.


Vince: I think the NBA is at a crossroads right now. Golden State was an amazing team, and all of a sudden they signed Kevin Durant. My problem with that is, every time I see a team with two guards and two forwards that are excellent players with no center leads me to label this team as a "doughnut." My question is, when you think in terms of a meal, is a doughnut considered to be a true meal? Even though these teams have great guards and forwards, are they taking the team where they need to be by not having a center?


John: Well in reference to “doughnuts” in modern basketball, I’ve noticed that centers aren’t necessarily needed within the NBA anymore. As long as there is a strong defensive guard a team can win without a center.


Bill: Well, I feel that if Le-Bron continues to play the way that he is, more people will continue to come out and say that LeBron is better than Michael Jordan. Even though we Chicagoans will never admit it, LeBron has showed his abilities as being superior in basketball and if he continues with this display people will have no reason to deny he’s the best.


Russell: Outside of Cleveland and Golden State, over anything else I’m rooting for the Bulls. I wish Rose and Noah well and hope they have a successful season.


Vince: Agreed. I hope that both Noah and Rose have a great season with many wins, excluding any games that they will play against the Bulls. I think the Bulls are going to be solid. I feel they will develop their plays more effectively now and that they will be a second round team.