NFL Predictions 2018-19

By: staff September 3, 2018

John: Today we’re going to talk about the NFL 2018 season. Now, our forecasts of who we believe will win the divisions from each conference:

Russell: Hello everybody. Let me start off by going to the AFC North. I predict Pittsburgh winning the division, followed by Cincinnati, Baltimore and Cleveland. AFC South: this is hard, but I predict Jacksonville, Houston, Indianapolis and Tennessee. In the AFC West, Kansas City, Denver, the Raiders and San Diego. In the East, as always, New England, Buffalo, Miami and the Jets. In the NFC: oh boy, it’s tough. In the West, I got the LA Rams. I think they can come back this time because they’re mad they were gone last year. Maybe the Rams, Seattle, Arizona, San Fran. In the South, you got Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, so I think Atlanta. In the East: Philadelphia, Dallas, Giants, Washington. My favorite division, [North]: I hate to say it, but Minnesota, Green Bay, Detroit and Chicago.

Donald: My predictions for the AFC is AFC is going to win. We got the AFC, Baltimore and Jacksonville and K.C. - Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Minnesota. In the South, we’re dealing with Carolina, L.A. Rams and Dallas, which is going to probably be a tough team to beat. I pick Dallas, the Cowboys to do something this year and all the years. I pick them to win this year.

John: In the AFC North, I like Pittsburgh. Cleveland, it’s a surprise this year, Baltimore and Cincinnati. The South: Houston as long as Deshaun Watson stays healthy, Indianapolis as long as Andrew Luck is healthy, Jacksonville and Tennessee in the South. In the AFC West, I like the L.A. Chargers this year. Denver is my other surprise; I’d like them to finish second. Third place, Kansas City; I’m not sure how good Mahomes is going to be. I got the last place team, the Oakland Raiders. Silver and black won’t be supreme this year. In the AFC East is New England and the three stooges: which one is the least of the worst? Jets are the best of three very bad teams, Miami and Buffalo. NFC North: I like Minnesota, overrated Green Bay in second, Detroit and Chicago. The South is the toughest one, but Atlanta looks like the best team of the bunch, with New Orleans finishing second, Carolina and Tampa Bay. In the West, I like the Rams, San Francisco, Seattle with Russell Wilson as long as he’s healthy, Arizona. In the East, Philadelphia’s the beast of the East with Dallas, the Giants and Washington.

Russell: I think Houston and Cincinnati for wild cards. In the NFC, I picked Carolina and Green Bay, they’re not going to win their divisions. My Super Bowl predictions: I’m picking the Rams this year because I’m getting tired of New England, I’m getting tired of some other teams that get there and don’t show up. I’m surprised: I’m picking Jacksonville. You heard it here first.

Donald: My predictions for wild-card team, probably Jacksonville because of their ability to come back and [defend]. It’s a great team on defense, Jacksonville is a surprise, a wild-card team. Everybody has their reasons for picking who they pick, but I pick Jacksonville, and there’s going to be something else along the way.

John: For the AFC wild-card, Indianapolis will get one of the wild-cards and Denver will get the other one. As far as hopping on the AFC for the Super Bowl, believe it or not, the L.A. Chargers. Somehow, someway, get it done. I think they have the most overall talent. New England is getting old and [chinks] in the armor and Pittsburgh under-achieves. Dallas is going to be one of my wild cards along with the 49ers. I got the L.A. Rams hopping out of the NFC, overtaking Philadelphia in what I believe would be one of the greatest championship games of all time. The Rams would be pouring Gatorade over their head coach!

Russell: Enjoy the season, ladies and gentlemen! It’s on!

Donald: Might as well watch the games and enjoy yourself because it’ll be a lot of surprises!