Overbearing Parents

By: Staff June 19, 2017

John: Today we will talk about fathers, mothers and everybody else meddling with professional athletes. Now, Russell, what is your opinion about the parents, particularly fathers, meddling too much with their professional athletes?


Russell: Back in the day, whoever accepted you, that’s where you went whether you liked it or not, so the parents had nothing to say about that. Telling your son to stay in school and get an education so when they do get out, if they don’t get accepted in the NBA, they have something to fall back on. That’s not to say you’re going to come out and be a superstar, you might be a bust. A couple of guys came out like [Anthony] Bennett who was the first pick in the draft but isn’t playing now. If colleges give you a scholarship to go to school and you don’t want to finish college, I think that’s wasting money for the colleges because you have people out there who really want an education - who really need it. Like I said, if you don’t succeed in basketball you have something to fall back on. So parents, if you let the kid do what they have to do, make their decisions, it’s going to be their money they’re going to make, not yours. If a team accepts you, you should go to that team. I mean I don’t understand what this guy …


John: LaVar Ball. [former NFL player and father of Lonzo Ball. LaVar says his son should only be drafted by the L.A. Lakers]


Russell: LaVar Ball, I don’t know what he’s talking about. He said he doesn’t know how it’s going to turn out. He might be a bust. So it’s better to go and take your spot, get drafted and make the best of it.


John: I don’t mind when the parent encourages the kid to do something or to be disciplinary, but when you meddle with the business, that becomes a problem. Then their kid is going to expect a lot more than what they are given. Let's say, for example, back in the day James Jordan was always going to the Bulls games with his wife to support his son Michael but they didn’t meddle with Michael’s financial business. They didn’t mettle with which team he’s going to get drafted by or when he’s going to play or not going to play. The problem I have with Lonzo Ball’s father, LaVar Ball, is that he wants to mettle with every little move he makes and you know what they say about parenting. Sometimes it's worse when you mother hen the kid. With a little tough love they might pick up on things and they might turn out fine, not just in basketball but in all forms of life. Which is why it’s not about how many hours a day you spend with your kid, it's about being good at parenting.


Russell: Yeah, Remember Reggie Rose? Derrick Rose’s brother, sitting on the bench in the game messing with the coach, telling him to put Derrick in. It can really be a mess. Let the kids be kids, let them play their game and think about yourself, that's what I would say.