Sports Rivalries

By: Staff October 17, 2016

John: One thing about rivalries, the fans from the opposing teams hate each other! The fans are the main instigators to rivalries in any sport between teams because the fans are able to pick up on and dish out smack talk.

Bill: The BK Dodgers and the NY Yankees have been rivals for years, and it has been my favorite rivalry throughout the history of baseball. Many people agree with me when I say that NO ONE wanted the Yankees to win.  This is a personal bias from my childhood; I feel if any team could beat the Yankees, then it was a good day. Now, I don’t know why I hated the Yankees; I mean it’s mainly because they are so successful and they always had the best players on their teams and they’re able to dominate the field regardless of who they are playing, I just did not want them to win. Now I'm a White Sox fan and it appears to be a spiritual connection that people have with their home teams because the Sox have never had the best record, but I support them and their rivalries.

Russell: The Cowboys and the Redskins is my favorite rivalry in sports. There was a game with these teams and it was the last quarter; the Redskins were taunting the cowboys about being 17-0 and throughout the middle and rest of the game the 'Skins came back and dominated the game and took back their field. Another one of my favorite rivalries is between the Bears and the Packers. These teams have always had bad blood, and it really helps their ticket sales when these two teams play each other because their fans thrive off of the intensity that comes from their games.

Vince: Well, considering you all have discussed the rivalries in baseball and football, I can try to think of rivalries within the NBA. There honestly aren’t many rivalries in the NBA and a lot of the competitive rivalries within the basketball world are within college basketball.  Duke vs. North Carolina is a great example, these schools have been at it for years and many of the players from these teams take that angst with them when they join the NBA, so personal rivalries begin.  The biggest rivalry personally for me is the Cubs and the Cardinals. A couple years back during a home game for the Cubs against the Cardinals, during the 7th inning stretch Harry Caray began singing “Take me out to the ballgame.”There were a lot of Cardinal fans present at the game and there were so many more Cardinal fans than there were Cub fans that the Cardinals took over the stadium and interjected their own version of “Take me out to the ballgame.” The Cubs fans were furious because the Cardinal fans in a way declared the stadium was theirs. Another great rivalry is, of course, between the Bears and the Packers. I have a couple customers who are Packers fans, so during that time it gets a little tense between us, but they still buy magazines.

John:  UCLA and USC is one of the greatest sports rivalries in college basketball.

Vince:   Agreed, when there are two teams in one city, then the rivalry is going to be on another level because each team is trying to represent and bring home the win for their city.

Bill: That’s very true; when I was a kid the rivalry between the White Sox and the Cubs was a great inspiration for the city of Chicago. Because both teams lacked a perfect record and would often lose to other teams, all of the negative feelings of humiliation would go away because the Sox would play the Cubs and regardless of who won it was still a huge victory for the city.

John: Exactly what I mean, there was a point in the season where winning against other teams didn’t matter, but when it comes to two teams who are rivals playing against each other, all that intensity builds up where the fans of these teams go all out to show their support.

Russell: At the end of the day, rivalries drive the ticket sales for teams. Fans want to come out and feel that intensity and see a good game that they know will be worth their time and money.