Strategies for Chicago Sports

By: Staff November 7, 2016

John: The Bears really need to work on creating better winning strategies; they need to develop a blueprint. The Sox are the same, they have no winning strategy and they claim that their lack of finances is the reason. The Bears haven’t developed a secret formula to winning based on the games that I have been watching. The way they are playing, when you watch the games you fall asleep. Not only are they not winning, they’re also not putting on a show. They should take note from teams like New Orleans. Even though, they’re not winning right now they’re playing tough, just like San Diego, Seattle, and New England, known as a monster team. The one thing the Bears really need to do is cut Jay Cutler. They would be closer to where they need to be, because right now they’re in last place.

Russell: I agree with you about the Bears’ lack of strategy. I went to a Bears game not too long ago in Jacksonville, and it was very nice going to game but it ended with very disappointing results. They had no running game whatsoever. You could tell there was a lack of chemistry among the players; they were playing like they were disoriented. I’m very disappointed in the Bears, I hate to say but I feel that there is no hope for these guys for the next two seasons. I’m still going to be a fan but they have to get their strategy together so they can start winning games. Regarding the Sox, I feel they need to stop spending money on second- hand players and draft their own players, like Cleveland and the Cubs. Next year, I feel they may have a better season but unless they invest in their own team they will not progress.

Bill: Well regarding the White Sox, the biggest issue they face is their team. Do they trade their players for newer, younger talent and take a couple years to build a great team? Or do they stick with the players they have and add a few new players onto the team. In my opinion they should stick with who they have; they have five great players already and they won’t spend the money for superstars because they claim they don’t have it. What I am very anxious for is basketball because I am a huge fan. I’m excited to see how the older guys will react to playing with and against the younger guys as well as watching certain teams play against each other. I feel that a lot has changed in basketball since last year so it’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out.

Vince: I have recently been reading a book on the History of the Bears called "Papa Bear." It’s about George Halas and his creating the Bears. They started out as a factory that produced cornstarch in Decatur, IL and the employees were the players. They began to do very well and eventually moved to Chicago. Once they moved they were given the green light to change their team name after playing in Chicago for a year. Over that year Halas contemplated what he could name his team, and the Cubs had a huge influence on the name. Halas chose The Bears because the football players were immaculate compared to the Chicago baseball players, so he felt that the Bears was a suitable name. In reference to recent games, I have noticed the Bears are in trouble and reading this book I can see why they are in trouble based on history. The last Super Bowl won by the Bears was in 1988, and sadly Halas died in 1986 so he wasn’t able to see the culmination of his life’s work. Prior to his death, his daughter eloped with Ed McCaskey, and Halas didn’t appreciate that, which created bad blood in the business. On his deathbed, Halas begged for anyone to run the company but the eldest son of McCaskey, Michael. Unfortunately Michael took over the business and began running the team and this is the time when the Bears began to sink. Michael McCaskey fired Jerry Vainisi after a disagreement and ever since, they haven’t found their way back to the Super Bowl. All of that to say Papa Bear’s influence was heavy and still is to this day. The bottom line is that the Bears need to cut Cutler, develop a strategy and clean house.

Bill: Over the years, if you pay attention to it, you can see how important management is within the team. The Cubs have changed to a management system that works.  They came into this season with a plan and it’s worked for them. I feel if the Bulls and Sox adopted this mindset they would be able to develop a better strategy.