Thoughts on Diversity

By: Staff June 13, 2016

I experience diversities every day of my life; my customers are very different. Dealing with my race is very difficult. The majority look at me like I am some sort of disease, while my white customers embrace me with love and respect. I love and respect each and every one of my customers. I have seven loyal black customers and they’re very concerned about me. The majority of my race hasn’t spent any money with me on the magazines and many don’t even speak back. There are a lot of black people who are prejudice, while we used to accuse the whites of being prejudiced. What I experience every day of my life with diversity is trying to get to know and respect each customer that enters my life, no matter how different they are. Potential customers of my race stand at the window of Mariano’s and watch me and my potential white customers conversate, and when they buy a magazine, then they come out and give me a $1 tip. I wish I could get to know more of my race because my seven loyal customers talk with me on the phone at least once a week. If they don’t see me, they call me to see why I am not working and to see if they can do anything for me. I truly love selling my magazines and meeting and getting to know my potential customers- blacks and whites.
Written by Diane Wilkins

Diversity refers to the many differences between human beings- race, ethnic group, gender, religion, etc. I shall speak of my recent effort in reaching out to various religious groups. I was brought up in the Roman Catholic Faith in the pre-Vatican 2 Era. At the time, we were not normally allowed to attend services other than Catholic services, even those of other Christian churches. This has changed in the post-Vatican 2 era. Pope John XXIII started ecumenism between Catholics and other Christian churches, referring to the different Christian churches as “separated Brethren”. Pope John Paul II went beyond, emphasizing ecumenism not only with other Christians but also with non-Christians. He emphasized the special relationship between Christians and Jews. He referred to Jews as “Elder Brothers” of Christians.
In keeping with this, I have been attending services of other religions. I have been to the services of the mainline Protestant denominations- Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, as well as a non-denominational Christian service. I once attended a service of the Disciples of Christ denomination in Dixon, Illinois in February 2011, which was a tribute to Ronald Reagan on the centennial of his birth, in the church where he and his mother had been Sunday school teachers. I have attended the People’s Church, the United Church of Christ, and the Unitarian-Universalist Church. I have also attended a Mormon service as well as a weekday Orthodox Jewish Service and a Buddhist service at the Midwest Buddhist Temple. Coincidentally, I was not the only Catholic attending that Buddhist service; there was a Catholic priest in attendance. I am hoping to attend a Messianic Jewish Service and a Greek Orthodox service, as well as both an Apostolic Church in my neighborhood and the Moody Bible Institute.
Written by James Metzker