Which Chicago Team is The Next?

By: Staff November 29, 2016

Vince: The Cubs just dominated the series, the Blackhawks, though they didn’t win last year, have been dominating hockey, so who will be the next Chicago team to make it to their championship?

John: I don’t think any of the three are close to the championships, but if were talking about a team that has potential and the ability to get there the Bulls will be my choice. They have [Rajon] Rondo, [Jimmy] Butler, and [Dwayne] Wade. They have a star team. When you look at the Bears, they don’t have that, they don’t have a star team. The only thing they have is [Jay] Cutler, and they're shelving out more money to keep him when they should be using that money to invest in star players. The Sox have no consistency, they come into every season with a new plan and it doesn’t work for them. I feel that they should follow in the steps of Theo Epstein; lose some games for two years in a row to gain a strategy of ways they can improve.  All in all the Bulls has my bet.

Russell: The White Sox aren’t going to progress because they spend money on washed up athletes; aka Adam Dunn. They don’t spend the necessary money on free agents. They also need to change their GM. They haven’t won a series since 2005, they are a one- and-out team; if they want to get better they have to get rid of the GM. But as for my Bears, they need to rebuild. They have great defense, but their offense is lacking. They got rid of [Matt] Forte, and Cutler isn’t cutting it. But for me, the Bulls are going to win their championship. Not only because it’s my favorite team, but because they have showed progress with their game play. However, they have the same problem as the Sox; they don’t know how to spend their money wisely during the draft. Yes they have [Pau] Gasol and Wade but they are both close to being washed up. But they’re playing well so I have high hopes for their progress.

Bill: I feel the Bears have the best chance of making it to the championships for a number of reasons. The Bears do not play many games, and if they lose the next 2-3 games they will get better draft picks. This gives the Bears an advantage. As for the Sox, they have a great core of players. They four positions that they need to fill but I feel they will be forced into a building period  where they will have to invest in those draft players that will bring them more wins. As for the Bulls, I feel they will make the playoffs but I can’t see them as an elite team. The new players they have are older, and they have been superstars on other teams so it’s hard to put together three superstars who aren’t super any more with the expectation that they will produce the same way as they did when they were younger.  I don’t see the Bulls winning the championship because I can’t see them defeating Cleveland.

Vince: The Bears are the closest because they are building their defense and they have a good front line. What would put them ahead is if they drafted a fresh, new quarterback to come in and help them out. In regards to the Sox, they need to invest in their players. The Cubs lost 102 games in 2012 and now four years later they have won the Series; this is because they took the time to build their team and invest in players who showed potential. The Sox will take a little time and they will only advance once they begin to invest in better players. The Bulls have been making moves; they have been drafting smartly. [Michael Carter-] Williams for [Tony] Snell was a steal in my eyes. Tony Snell was a monster but Williams is the future point guard and [Denzel] Valentine is the shooter of the future. Both Snell and Williams will be able to take those spots Rondo and Wade are in, and dominate them under the influence of Butler. I do feel it’s great to see Wade and Rondo teach these guys, you can see their patience and how willing they are to teach rather than dominate the team with their knowledge.