Which College Conferences rate?

By: Staff December 5, 2016

Vince: Today’s topic is college football. We're currently in the middle of the season. The boys are working their way to the end of the season and rankings are getting really tight. So today we'll talk about the basic issues with the conferences.

John: To me the Big 10 is the most complete and balanced of all the conferences. They have such a wide variety of teams that are in the top 15, especially Penn State; they are playing well this season and they are the one team that cannot be slept on. Now in the SEC, Alabama is their best team; Alabama is giving the SEC its tough reputation. But just like SEC needs Alabama, the Pac 12 needs USC. So to me the best right now is the Big 10.

Russell: For me the Big 12 is on the bottom because they don’t have good teams; Oklahoma State and West Virginia, for example aren’t showing any promise so for me they are at the absolute bottom. Pac 12 is next on the bottom because they also don’t have any promising teams; Washington, USC, Colorado, and Stanford are not showing any promise. The ACC has Virginia Tech, Carolina and neither of these teams is performing. The expectation is there but they are not pulling through. SEC is showing a lot of potential, mainly because of Alabama, so they are certainly in the top 5. My number one pick, however, would have to be The Big 10, they have five teams that are ranked in the top 20 and they are the best this season. They have really good teams, my favorite being Penn State who I feel should not be underestimated.

Bill: Penn State has really disgusted me with their ability. The most recent game, they got 17 points within the two minutes and they have been slaughtering each team they’ve played.  However, I love football but I am sincerely bothered by the injuries that happen in football. Though you get hurt playing any sport, I feel that there is more devastation and harm that comes from football injuries.

Vince: I remember when the University of Chicago was a part of the Big 10, that’s true old school. But I feel it's amazing seeing teams like Nebraska and Rutgers in the Big 10. I feel they are the toughest conference this season. If SEC doesn’t take it with Alabama, the Big 10 is the likely favorite in the national championship game.

John: If the Big 10 and the SEC meet in the national championships, I think Alabama will win because all its facets work. I think the Big 10 will send Ohio State to play them.

Russell: With the holiday season coming up there will be a lot of interesting games, I’m looking forward to it, and I am rooting for the Big 10. I want to see them do big things. Every year it’s Alabama and I would like to see another team in there,  maybe even Michigan.