Women & The Olympics

By: Staff August 29, 2016

Bill: So the Olympics are over, but what a tremendous effect Title IX has had. Title IX mandates women’s sports receive the same funding in colleges as men’s sports, allowing a large redistribution of money and sports in the athletic arena. A lot of money can go into scholarships for women’s athletics, letting women who participate in sports at a competitive level believe they have somewhere to go to further develop their talent in the future. Women can now use athletic scholarships to access higher educational institutions and receive a professional degree on top of their education. It’s great to see these women doing this, and I may be biased because I have daughters, but the fantastic female performances are a new phenomenon. When I was growing up, there were very few sports for women, and women did not even play the sport by the same rules as the men, it was crazy. To see the difference in one lifetime and to observe the multicultural presentation of athletic success is truly amazing and can lead to a better democratic society. The last thing, there was a survey completed and for the first time, more women’s events were covered on a major television network than men’s sports!


Russell: I really enjoyed this summer’s Olympic Games. There were a ton of events, but what I enjoyed the most was the domination on behalf of women athletes. Basketball, gymnastics, and swimming have women who are killing it! It is the women’s turn and they deserve to be on top as well. The women’s basketball team is smashing other teams, winning games by 40 points, and our men can’t do that! The female athletes deserve recognition, respect, and acknowledgment of all these female athletes have to overcome. I would tell all the young athletes, females in particular, that there is another Olympic Games in four years, so train hard, because you never know where you can end up if you stick with the sport. Practice hard, stay motivated, and stay positive, and you can get there!


John: I have not gotten the opportunity to watch as much of the Olympics as you guys, but I definitely enjoy watching the Women’s Volleyball. Just like women’s tennis, I find the sport very fascinating, but do not get the same effect when watching men play volleyball or tennis; the women add a certain zeal and fire to the sport. I wanted to discuss how thankful I am for the array of radio services and apps on phones that allow us to listen to various radio stations and hear coverage of numerous events. Some may be controversial, but they are able to get into the meat and details of anything, depending on what perspective you’re looking for. For some reason, I can’t get the same intensity out of our local sports guys on local sports shows, who are under the control of larger corporations or companies.


Bill: The multiple channels on cable and the iPhone allow everything to be covered, allowing a lot of sports to rise to consciousness that would not have if we relied solely on primetime sports coverage. There used to be three major channels and now you can turn on the TV and buy whatever package you want, to watch every event imaginable. Sports enthusiasts and the sports community should appreciate this, because you can get involved in a lot of different conversations and be more connected to the world of sports, which has not always been available.


Russell: I love SportsWise with you guys, I look forward to this every single week. I’m glad that we can always find a topic and have a civil conversation, without disruptions, without arguments. Maybe one day we’ll even have our own sports show! Ya never know!