25th Anniversary Edition
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Macarthur against violence
The MacArthur Foundation announced nearly $10 million in new grants July 17 to Chicago organizations working against gun violence.   “MacArthur is committed to Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods and its people, as we have been for decades,” said MacA...

Wilson Men's Hotel
The news July 19 that the Wilson Men’s Hotel in Uptown had been sold was distressing to StreetWise Vendor Bill Plowman, who has lived there since November 2013 and who said that he really doesn’t have anywhere else to go.   Plowman is legally blin...

A. Allen
When I came to StreetWise in April 2012, I had been clean and sober since October of 2009. I wanted very much to stay sober and on the straight and narrow, but I knew my lifestyle had to change if I wanted to remain alcohol- and drug-free. I knew...

Empowerment Plan Day 2_0109.jpg
The Empowerment Plan
Some students might believe that school projects are only good for a grade, but Empowerment Plan founder and CEO Veronika Scott knew that they could be something more. Scott was a student at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit when her pro...