Season 2 Episode 2

By: Rivet +StreetWise January 18, 2024
Tensions flare over the homeless camp in Touhy Park after the Park District decides to shut everything down. The appearance of mysterious flyers claiming the tent city will be relocated to a fancy hotel causes rampant confusion and amps up the emotions on all sides. With the election looming, we explore the paths for the local alderwoman get everyone housed by winter.


Special thanks to Alderperson Maria Hadden, Nicole Bahena, Erin Ryan, “Mayor” Tom Gordon, and “Army” and “Marine”


Reported by - Rivet360’s Jesse Betend, Streetwise Editor Suzanne Hanney, and Streetwise vendor A. Allen)
Produced by - Jesse Betend, 
Original music contributed by -  Andrew Bird, Andy Mitran and Jeremy Blake
Fact-checking and editing  by - Streetwise’s Amanda Jones and Julie Youngquist and Rivet360s’s Terri Lydon, Cindy Paulauskas, and Sheila Solomon