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We are giving our vendors a raise!
We Are Giving Our Vendors a Raise!    Beginning June 27, StreetWise costs $3.00 + tips.      Vendors will now earn $1.85 per issue instead of $1.10 for every magazine sold.    Why now?   StreetWise has not increased the price of our magazi...

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Alex Diamond learns from Chicago P.D. work for filmmaking future
  Assistant Director Alex Diamond jokes that his professional abbreviation, “A.D.,” should really stand for “Anxious Director.” “We always have to think of what could go wrong, and what could be an issue,” explained Diamond, a graduate of Columb...

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For "Chicago Fire" stylist Steykine Wills, the main job is about helping to build characters
  Chicagoan Steykine Wills, a hair stylist who works full-time for the locally-produced television drama Chicago Fire, sees helping to create characters as a central part of her job. “Depending on if a character appears disheveled, for example,...

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Chicago Made brings film and TV production opportunities to residents
Chicago is continuing to boom as a center for film and television production. Last summer alone, some 15 productions added nearly $700 million to the city’s local economy. This was due to filmmakers, studios, and networks taking advantage of tax i...