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Nina Escobedo: Bringing a passion for costumes to Chicago’s TV and film industry
Nina Escobedo credits her grandmother for sparking the childhood interests that ultimately led to her becoming a professional costumer working in Chicago. “My grandmother taught me to sew at the age of four,” recalled Escobedo. “It started with b...

Overlooked Stories of Women
Movements like #MeToo have drawn increased attention to the systemic discrimination facing women in a range of professional fields, from Hollywood and journalism to banking and government. Discrimination is also a problem on user-driven sites lik...

Father Augustus Tolton- First African American Saint?
The life story of Father Augustus Tolton encompasses Black History Month. Born a slave, Tolton was 9 years old when he escaped to freedom in Illinois on the Underground Railroad with his family during the Civil War. Like many Blacks, he was told "...

Sidney Poitier and the Civil Rights Movement
Read about Sidney Poitier's life and work with the Civil Rights Movement. 

The Black Mozart
Read about Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, also known as the Black Mozart.