Richard Florida
Richard Florida coined the term “creative class” in 2002 to describe the artists, musicians, tech workers and designers who moved back to cities because of their  high-paying jobs; lush dating scene; and restaurants, music clubs and museums in whi...

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Chicago Voices Launch
Lyric Unlimited will bring mini-operas about Chicago life to the Harris Theater in Millennium Park September 10. “Community Created Performances” developed after a citywide artist search will describe the challenges of aging gracefully and of deal...

Sports Movies
John: This time, we’re talking about sports movies. Russell, what’s your favorite sports movie of all time? Russell: My favorite sports movie of all time is Ali with Will Smith. I really liked that movie. The first Ali came out in the '70s, and I...

Jake's Pup in the Ruf
JoAnn Breivogel starts her typical morning by eating a nutritious and filling breakfast. She says that, “Breakfast is the most important, because it starts off the day. It starts off early in the morning when you get out of bed. It’s great to have...

25th Anniversary Edition
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