Giveashi*t 2022 Collection
Check out our 2022 Giveashi*t Collection in this special edition "catalog" edition of StreetWise Magazine. 

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Street Papers, Coronavirus, & a World in Lockdown
The coronavirus outbreak has put organizations of all stripes and missions in unfamiliar territory, and this is no less true for street papers. The majority have been forced to take the unprecedented steps of temporarily pausing printing and telli...

StreetWise Vendors face Coronavirus Pandemic
Downtown Chicago streets are so empty the only thing missing is tumbleweed, like a ghost town in an old western movie, says StreetWise vendor Keith Hardiman, as fears of coronavirus transmission have led to Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s shelter-in-place or...

CARES Act Stimulus & the Homeless
Congress passed a $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill on March 27 that President Trump signed into law the same day. This third legislative action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is the largest aid package in history and includes nearly $30...

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UK Street Papers in Stores
The UK’s street papers will be sold in stores across the country for the first time in response to the effects created by the outbreak of coronavirus.   In March, The Big Issue and Big Issue North told vendors to temporarily stop selling magazines...