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Millennium Park
Enjoy our Millennium Park special edition here!

Stonewall 50
At the heart of the story of the Stonewall Rebellion are homeless LGBTQ youth, transgender people of color and a threatened place of refuge: a gay bar that welcomed the outcasts of society. The Stonewall Inn was a community center of sorts for dra...

Lori Lightfoot.jpg
Mayoral Inauguration
“Better Together” is not just inclusion rhetoric, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s call to participatory citizenship in her May 20 inaugural address.   Lightfoot, who is Chicago’s first African American woman -- and openly gay -- mayor, quoted from a...

ChildServ OP-ED
Imagine after studying for years that you finally have a master’s degree and you get hired as a case manager for a community-based organization dedicated to building better lives for children and families. You are excited about your position becau...

Tuskegee Airmen
During a World War II bombing mission over Europe, Tuskegee Airman John "Jack" Lyle flew his plane close enough to a German Messerschmitt that he was nearly eye to eye with its pilot. The two men stared at each other, nodded, then peeled off in op...