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Timuel Black
Bronzeville is “Sacred Ground” to historian and social anthropologist Timuel Black, not so much for its brick and mortar, but for its oral histories, its networking and its music: “jazz with an African beat and a European melody line that affirms...

Chicago Punk
Leather jackets with grey hair draping over the shoulders, arms covered in fading tattoos now a seaweed green, a few pairs of youthful eyes, and faces with fresh piercings - the bunch who gathered at the Independence Branch of the Chicago Public L...

Kobe Bryant
Russ: My condolences to the Bryant family and to everyone who lost their lives in this tragedy. When Kobe was drafted in 1996, I already felt he was a special guy as not many players come out of high school straight to the NBA. Even though I was a...

Director Sean Graney’s “The Mousetrap” artfully represented the beloved play’s mystery and twists while adding vibrant colors and making audience members wanting more. This Agatha Christie classic makes us wonder – how well can we really know othe...